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London's and New York's grey skies in Fall, and, by contrast, their colourful atmosphere and fashion, are the inspiration of Kalamarie's FW16/17 collection, Mind The Bag!

From our first memories of the two cities as children, visiting on family holidays, through to settling in each of these cities, this collection, and its colours tell the story of our migration and discoveries.

"Mind The Bag!" is a play on words from the famous London Underground's "Mind The Gap!" used to warn alighting train passengers of the space between the train and the platform. The phrase is one of our earliest and most iconic memories of London.

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We all need that trusty, beautiful handbag, of unquestionable quality and construction that will be our wardrobe staple, unconditional companion and absolute secret keeper. The one that will share our adventures, hold our tissues while we cry, know everything there is to know about our makeup, and will be with us at any time of the day or year, in any and every place.

A handbag that will be our armor day after day, defining our style, giving us presence, elevating us to another level.

 With this capsule collection we wanted to give you the gift of a new Best Friend Forever.

K&M xx