Falling Leaves, Rising Hopes: How To Update Your Fall/Autum Wardrobe


Hello again

Welcome to the second week of our blog.

This week is all about you!

We are very excited about the season about to start. Not only because we're launching our first collection, but also because there are some exciting trends coming into our wardrobes.

We all want to look good and on trend, but we may not always have the time, money or inclination to change every piece of clothing we own, just because the weather is taking a turn.

So, today we share with you our pick of 5 key pieces which should bring some new life to your Autumn:-

1. The see-through

As featured in Cosmopolitan, this end of year sees a real resurgence for beautiful see-through pieces of all materials. From the classic silk or organza long-sleeve blouse (forever a must in our opinion) to delicate see-through knits.

See through needn't be naked. What is beautiful about it is that it gives the suggestion of skin being almost palpable, but not quite. It is sexy and provocative, but, well put together, it makes a power statement of chic elegance.

2. The thin scarf

As featured in Elle, this is a really clever way of saying:- I recognise summer is gone, but winter can wait.

We suggest a pretty brooch to make a nice shape with it.

Super chic!

3. Watch the hemline

Pleats take a different shape this Autumn/Fall and hemlines go all fiesta!

We love the skirt shapes of this season. Weather you go for car-wash pleats or happy hemlines, we guarantee the skirts of this season will be the most flattering piece in your wardrobe. Wear with flats for day duties, or rise up the heels for more sex-appeal.

4. The high-waisted trouser/pant

High-waisted trousers are old favourites at Kalamarie's HQ. They are just so versatile! Dressy when you need them, boho-chic when you want to dress them down. And do we even need to mention the fact that they push in that stubborn bottom bit of your tummy, which means you can enjoy that smaller-waist illusion all season long!

They make a come-back this season and we could not be any more delighted.

We are wearing them already with pretty, delicate, bejeweled belts.

5. THE Handbag

Do we need to say it?

The handbag to have this Fall is a Kalamarie.

And you will be able to get yours right here in just a few weeks!

Have a great week.

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K&M xx