Traveling The World On Your Holidays



Dear Reader,

Welcome to the third week of our blog.

What are you up to this week? Are you perhaps on your vacation/holiday?

We were about to trail off to ask for your observations on fashion trends wherever you might be on your vacation and we will do so at the end of this blog, but whilst researching the background material for this piece, we were overwhelmed by content in relation to our changing habits and attitude toward taking annual leave.

The first thing that came to light was the fact that, with constant access to communication and technology, including presence tracking and instant updates, we are all less able to take full advantage of our time away from the office desk. In essence, our vacation/holiday have become more about being physically absent from the workplace rather than about the all-too-necessary “temporary cessation of work” which made up the definition of the original concept.

The second point that struck us was the ever-changing nature of our vacations, which we also owe to the rapid advancement of technology and wider access to its various forms. In essence, we are less and less content to go to a travel agent and let them make our choices, we are reaching out to fellow tourists and asking them for their views, or simply experimenting ourselves; and, perhaps more importantly, we are visiting places further and beyond – not necessarily in mere distance, but in our own minds. We are travelling to spots (even if locally) outwith the bounds of “the known” touristic spots. This, we found very encouraging indeed.

The third, and also very encouraging point, is that we are learning to travel lighter, but packing lighter need not mean dressing less glamorously, but simply planning your holiday outfits more wisely.

And taking this last point very seriously, we have conferred at Kalamarie HQ as to what makes successful holiday packing.  Here are our tips:-

1.     You will not be able to present all facets of yourself in one trip. So, be prepared to leave most of you behind and take one fabulous, relaxed you on holiday;

2.     Maximise the potential of each hard-wear piece. A pair of jeans should see you through a couple of outings with different tops and accessories.

3.     Take outfits that generally fall within the same or in contrasting colour scheme. This way you avoid having to take multiple pairs of shoes, handbags and accessories.

4.     Take your Kalamarie Satchel with you. You will be able to buy yours here in just a few weeks. It is the most practical bag for travelling. It is spacious but structured and it is day and night bag in one. You will see what we mean very soon ; )

5.     Don’t forget your dry shampoo.

6.     As you get to your destination, always observe on the salient fashion trend and let us know what it is. What do you see? Share your pics with us on Instagram and Facebook!

See you tomorrow.

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K&M xx