Inside Her Handbag: Clare Thorpe


Clare Thorpe, banking clerk, part-time make-up artist and soon-to-be mum, gives us a little insight into her handbag secrets.

1.     What do you do?

I work at a bank and do make-up for friends and family as a hobby.

2.     What do you love about make-up?

I love creating new looks and seeing the transformation of a person before and after make up, however subtle.

3.     What is your daily routine?

I get up at around 7 am and have a quiet breakfast before setting off for work. I work from 9.30 am up to 5.30 or 6.00 pm. I head home and my husband will usually cook and we will usually have dinner together. 

At weekends I do make up. At present, as I am heavily pregnant, it is just for family and friends and will usually be for friends who are going out or who have events to attend.

4.     What are your handbag essentials:

My purse,

My phone,

A small make-up bag, in which I carry my bronzer, blusher, mascara, lipstick, lip balm, eyeliner and concealer.

A mirror,

My keys,

My diary

5.     What do you look for in a handbag?

I tend to prefer a leather handbag, of good size, with compartments inside,  preferably a zip compartment, and a compartment for my phone. I can never find my keys when I get home, so it would be great if they made a handbag with a key compartment, and where it is easy to find smaller things.

6.     What does luxury mean in a handbag?

Good quality and looks. Something that stands out.

7.     Handbags or shoes?

Handbags. My mum is always warning me not to buy another one!

8.     What advice do you have to offer for young female enterpreneurs in very few words?

Whatever you are offering, think of a way of offering something different to what is out there, be competitive, and make sure you have good, attractive marketing, something that people really want to look at.