Arte Util: Useful Art. Welcome Back, Tania Bruguera

Dear Reader,

How are you this rather fresh Tuesday? (Hey, we’re just trying to put a positive spin on damp!)

Tuesdays, as you know, are for us to reflect upon the art that has inspired us, or that we simply admire.

Today, Kalamarie welcomes back to NYC a true, fearless ambassador of art that is very real. Welcome back, Tania Bruguera.

Tania Bruguera, if you are not familiar with the name, is a Cuban installation and performance artist, whose work, as Kalamarie understands it, revolves around the idea of giving social and political reality a transformative aesthetic representation.

Her performances are so real they stick to your mind as if the events had occurred to you. Her projects are long-term or short-term and generally of social nature.

She splits her time between Chicago and Havana. Her work is exhibited in permanent collections at MoMA and the Bronx Museum of the Arts in New York, the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de la Habana, and has been featured at the Istanbul Biennial, the Shanghai Biennale, the Gwangju Biennale.

We owe Bruguera, inter alia, the concept of “Arte Util” or Useful Art, which, she explains on her website, “aims to transform some aspects of society through the implementation of art, transcending symbolic representation or metaphor, and proposing with their activity, some solutions for deficits in reality”.

And bridging the gap between art and reality, making one the other in turns, is indeed a fine and novel idea.

Kalamarie’s philosophy is one of equilibrium, balance, if you will. One of aesthetics meeting substance and reality at just the right junction. One of being determined to achieve our goals without disrupting the ecosystem with which we work – in fact, we strive to improve it. One of having beautiful things, whatever your reach and taste are, and a nurtured mind to appreciate them.

As part of our philosophy, we recognise, enjoy and admire the work of artists such as Tania Bruguera, who are not afraid of crossing boundaries, challenging or extending concepts and giving them new meanings, and creating a whole new form of realism in art, in which the world can be seen to grow beautiful. We are delighted that she is back and eagerly await her next performance.

Before we sign off, let us just ponder this: We were born free, but we must never forget that our freedom has been fought for and we owe it to the world and to those who have fought for us, to build the best version of us that can exist.

See you tomorrow.

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K&M xx