The Handbag Shapes Of This Fall


Dear Reader,

Midweek again. Woohoo! How is your week going?

At Kalamarie, we are, as is usual on a Wednesday, taking stock of our achievements and of what there is still left for us to do in advance of launch day.

We thought we would share with you what the trends are in handbags for this Fall/Autumn in terms of shapes. Now, this is of course a sneaky clue of what you may be able to expect when our beautiful doors open… So get those lenses out, Poirot!

1.     You need a box.

Yes, you do, really.

This Autumn sees the resurgence of the square-box handbag. It is just so perfect, not just geometrically, but also because it has so much space inside and you can carry all your knick-knacks in it (but do remember to leave all clutter behind!)

2.     Get onto the saddle.

With every glossy magazine calling it the shape of the fall 2015, the saddle is forecast to outsell every other shape. Kalamarie agrees, to an extent, but who doesn’t need a bigger bag for bigger days?

3.     The structured bucket or tote

One thing is for certain, the shapes of this autumn are more geometrically defined and clean. Even the bucket and tote say goodbye to their slouchy past forms and take on a more grown-up, sophisticated edge. The tote is far form gone, it is only just arriving… watch this space.

4.     The geo work bag

Don’t we all want a bag to go to work with that is practical like no other for our every-day needs, but screams out sophistication? Why do we need to sacrifice one to have the other? No such thing. We have the answer and will give it to you very soon!

5.     The lady-like chain mini

Whoever can survive without one? Kalamarie knows it would be impossible… well-defined compartments? We hear you. Wait and see…

6.     The evening clutch

Grown-up party time! For those who like to carry as little as possible and have it all with them. Perfectly possible, why not?

Got those clues, Poirot?

See you tomorrow.

Follow our story bit by beat,

K&M xx