Colombia: The Best Is Yet To Come. Yours, Kalamarie Xx

Dear Reader,

Happy Thursday. It is a great day, Thursday, isn’t it? Friday is just around the corner, that Friday cocktail nearly palpable… maybe your weekend even starts from today?!

Our compatriots will probably agree that it is and even happier day if you happen to be in Colombia… Really?

Yes. Not for the first time, in March this year, Colombia was ranked among the top-ten happiest countries in the world.

Let us give you the facts according to the well-known American data agency, Gallup.

In Gallup’s 2015 survey, all top 10 countries where people lived happiest were Latin-American countries and Colombia came second. Other surveys suggest that people in Northern Countries, with Switzerland at the lead, Norway and Finland, see their lives as happiest.

The agency explained the differing results of this survey with others conducted by them and other agencies, as follows:- “If you think happiness is defined by how people see their lives, then the Swiss are the happiest people in the world. If you think happiness is defined by how people live their lives through experiences such as smiling, laughing, enjoyment and feeling treated with respect each day, then the happiest people in the world are Latin Americans.”

We’ll let you do the choosing of criteria there.

You may wonder why, or how, given its (somewhat misconstrued) history, Colombia rates by either of the criteria as the second happiest country in the world. Well, it is in no small measure due to its history, and to the fact that together, we have all fought, each in our own little way, and we have kept our smiles on. We have got, after all, an amazing country to be proud of and happy about.

The reasons given in studies are of wide range, but they are rather well put together in an article/blog by First American Realty (, an agency of foreign investors, which Kalamarie would summarise as follows:-

1.     Colombians receive an average of 33 paid days off a year – that is 18 public holidays and 15 of annual leave in average.

2.     Festivals everywhere – the writer of the article believes there is a festival going on somewhere in the country every weekend of the year. Kalamarie has been to all and agrees.

3.     A rapidly growing economy, which has surpassed its neighboring countries’.

4.     Music and dance galore and richness of culture.

5.     Overcoming the past 40 years of not-so-easy times, feeling safer and opening up to tourism.

6.     A strong family culture – We think Kalamarie has shown you plenty of this, eh? ; )

7.     The natural beauty of the country – the writer of the article states that it is the second most bio-diverse country in the world.

8.     No seasons to deal with – as the country is in the Equator, there are no seasons. The writer of the article explains in Colombia you can choose a climate to your preference and go to a different region if you prefer it cooler or more coastal. We couldn’t agree more.

9.     Football – And who will ever forget THAT goal by our beloved James during the world cup?

And the best is yet to come… You heard it here first.

We firmly believe it. Because, at Kalamarie HQ, many, many miles away from our beloved Colombia, we carry our country in our hearts and we wear our hearts in the pockets of our handbags.

We believe passionately in what we do and we wake up every day with the sole aim of making a product that makes us, our family and our country proud, and that gives you a little bit of that boundless happiness the surveys go on about!

Follow our story bit by beat,

K&M xx