Inside Her Bag: Marissa Huang


1.     What do you do?

I am an optometrist. I take care of people’s vision. I examine them and test their eyesight, and when necessary I give them glasses. Although sometimes, I feel like I am a psychotherapist, as my patients do tend to tell me all about their lives. I know all there is to know about them.

2.     What is your daily routine?

My daily routine revolves around work, exercise and eating.

I wake up in the morning, have breakfast with my loved one. We will typically have a big, solid breakfast. I then take the bus to work, which I enjoy, because it is very comfortable. Once at work, my routine is very variable, depending on how busy the practice is. I will interact with staff, patients, visitors etc. I try to smile all day, which sometimes can be a little difficult, as you can imagine. At the end of the working day, I walk across the park to come home every day so I feel like a tourist, and it feels good to move my body after a whole day seated at work. I usually have my gym bag with me and go straight to the gym. After the gym, I come home, where dinner with my loved one usually awaits me. Then we go for a little walk with the dog in the evening.

3.     What are your handbag essentials?

Chapstick. I must always have Chapstick.

I also always have sunglasses.

I also feel it is very important to have in my handbag my little baggie of medicines, where I carry Advil and other essentials, in case. I also carry a sample size of my perfume.

And then there is my cell phone, wallet, etc.

4.     What do you look for in a handbag?

I think for me, most important is function. I carry a lot of things being a New Yorker. I essentially have to carry my whole day in my handbag, but I also like to look beautiful and it has to be something that feels comfortable on my body because I walk a lot. So, functionality is very important to me. I do like one external pocket, for my cell phone. I also like structured bags.

5.     What does luxury mean in a handbag?

I think material. It has to be something that feels good to touch, that to the eye is beautiful. So, for me, first and foremost, the quality of the leather. I do like hardware to look great too.

6.     Handbags or shoes?

Ohhh, I love both. I think probably handbags are easier, because handbags do not have to adapt to your foot like your shoes do, so probably handbags.

7.     What advice do you have to offer for young female entrepreneurs in very few words?

Believe in yourself. Never stop dreaming, because eventually, if you believe in yourself, you will realize your dreams.