Inside Her Handbag: Alexis Llamas


Alexis Llamas, Cardiologist, gives us a little insight into her handbag secrets.

1.     What do you do?

I am a Consultant in Cardiology and Internal Medicine. I hold two main posts. I am the head of the Cardiovascular Unit at Clinica Las Americas (a private hospital) in Medellin, and I am the President of the Colombian Heart Foundation. I am also the Vice-President of the board of Clinica Las Americas.

2.     What is your daily routine?

I am an early bird. I get up at around 5.30am and set off for the gym. I do 1.5 hours of exercise. Being a cardiologist, I am fanatical about exercise and its health benefits. I then set off for the hospital where I will see patients all day, for tests and/or private appointments. I set aside one full afternoon every week to deal with the management side of my duties and the directorship of the team.  I also have an afternoon set aside for the board’s weekly meetings. I am married to a surgeon, and we work in the same hospital, so we will usually get home at around the same time, have something light to have for dinner, and speak to the girls (we have two daughters, Kara and Meli, who live in London and NYC respectively). One of us will usually take Rufo, the family dog out for a short walk and then some reading in bed before going to sleep.

3.     What are your handbag essentials:

My purse, which has to carry my various ID and professional membership cards;

Two card holders, one for my private practice and one for the Heart Foundation;

A make up bag, which carries my blush (Chanel) and my lipstick (YSL) and my mascara (Benefit’s They’re Real);

My perfume;

My mobile phone;

My car keys;

If I am travelling out of the city, which I have to do frequently, I will also carry my computer.

4.     What do you look for in a handbag?

I am attracted by good material and quality. To me it has to look and feel luxurious.

I will usually go for basic colours, but I also like to have a few bold coloured ones for the right outfit.

It has to be comfortable, it has to house all my essentials and I need to be able to see them and find them.

5.     What does luxury mean in a handbag?

It has to look great. I think a good-quality handbag can lift any outfit however simple. When I wear a luxury handbag, I feel good, as if it gives me a sense of presence and an added layer of self-confidence.

6.     Handbags or shoes?

Sorry, I don’t understand the question. Do I have to choose? It’s impossible!

7.     You’ve had a sneaky preview of the Kalamarie Holiday collection. Which one is your favourite?

The tote. 100%.

8.     What advice do you have to offer for young female enterpreneurs in very few words?

Sound structure, solid base, persistence, excellent marketing skills and tools.