Responsible Luxury At NYFW

Photo taken from New York Fashion Week Live Website. 

Photo taken from New York Fashion Week Live Website. 

Dear Reader,

Yay, it’s Thursday! Nearly the end of the working week for most of us.

If you have been reading us over the past few weeks, you will know that Thursdays are for us to reflect upon the ethical aspects of our practice and of the fashion business generally.

We believe we have a strong message to deliver and it is twofold:-

1.     You can have luxury without mistreating this earth.

2.     Be fair in your business so that your business will prosper and reward you,  and all who work with you, accordingly.

We are not about extremes. We believe strongly in equilibrium. Our philosophy has been – start right and always do right.

In a way, it is rather simple: We love the materials and the people we work with, so we take good care of them.

With that said, we are thrilled to see a real initiative toward responsible luxury at NYFW S/S 16. Whilst we all have different ways of delivering responsible and sustainable luxury, what is important is that there is the start of an awareness and consciousness toward it as a common goal. 

At this Fashion Week, the flag for responsible luxury is being flown by Mark Gengos and you may perhaps have seen the press releases in relation to his forthcoming show. We are very curious as to what may feature in it tomorrow, when it is due to take place.

Mark Gengos’  “concept of ‘responsible luxury’ is reflected in his dedication to sustainable and ethical production: from working with an Italian mill using photovoltaic cells for renewable energy, to closely monitoring his NYC ‘slow-tech’ production facilities.”

You may, of course, read more on his release at New York Fashion Week Live website

We also want to hear from you if you have been to any of the shows of NYFW or are about to go. What have you seen and loved, or what are you looking forward to seeing.

Have a great eve.

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K&M x