Inside Her Handbag: Ann Carr


1.     What do you do?

I help with the prep of ladies' fashion stock in John Lewis in Kingston. I help with the prep of stock to reach the shop floor before the start of the day’s trading. And after that, I work with the administration team processing invoices.

2.     What is your daily routine?

I get up at 5.00am and get myself ready for work, get my flask of tea ready to take with me, and drive to work. I start work at around 6.15am and we have three hours to get all replenishment of the stock into the store before opening. I work with a fabulous bunch of people who work very hard and are very dedicated to the prep of the store. I have breakfast at work with the girls at around 10.15am and we have a lunch break in the afternoon, when I head out into the store and look at the handbag department to see what is new.  I love seeing all the vibrant colours and styles of the bags and I love looking into the bags to see what is in them.

I also love going into the kitchen hardwear department and having a look around to see what is new and exciting.

I finish work is at around 4.00pm and drive back home and, at the moment I am having some work done in the house, so I will get back and check on the progress that has been made. I will usually make myself a cup of tea and, at around 7.00pm I will prepare some dinner and watch some TV or sit in the garden and prepare for work the next day.

3.     What are your handbag essentials?

My bag has to be prepped for a whole day’s work. I carry my breakfast and sometimes lunch with me. I also carry my tea flask with me. I carry my diary, my work pass, my small makeup bag with Hourglass makeup, perfume, tissues, my purse, my headache tablets, my fold-up shopping bag, my pen, my umbrella, my hair brush, and a photograph of my mum, and a few plasters.

4.     What do you look for in a handbag?

Money? No, I’m joking. Space, and little pockets. I would love a handbag with even a pocket for my umbrella, or a clip for it, as umbrellas are a must in the UK. I like a compartment to put my diary in. I usually go for a long diary. I would also like a pen compartment. I would also love longer handles, to be able to put my handbag over my shoulder. So many of the bags designed today are made with short handles. I also look for a bag that is reasonably lightweight because I have a 15-minute walk into work and I carry enough with me, so I don’t want to be carrying weight in the handbag itself. I have been looking for a spacious handbag that is narrow, because I have to put my bag in a coat locker at work which is very narrow.  

5.     What does luxury mean in a handbag?

The price tag? No, I’m joking. I suppose it is about finding a bag you fall in love with. Once you find something that you fall in love with, you forget about the price tag.

6.     Handbags or shoes?


7.     What advice do you have to offer for young female entrepreneurs in very few words?

Do your market research. Do it twice and cover every angle and every age group.

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