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Taken from Plus Model Mag

Taken from Plus Model Mag

Dear Reader,

Very warm wishes for you this breezy Monday. It is a hugely important week at Kalamarie HQ, as we complete the final steps before our launch.  It is all very, very exciting.

We have been keeping a close eye on all the latest from NYFW SS 2016. What a show-casting of utter brilliance it has been.

What we are loving more than anything this year is the inclusion of models of all shapes and sizes in some of the shows (such as Chromat and Zana Bayne), as well as the fact that fashion is taking a turn and noting its audience. It seems to us somewhat surreal that it has taken the world until now to begin to accept that fashion is not just to be shown upon the bodies of size-zero human beings. We come in all colours, shapes and sizes and we all want to look great. Fashion needs to work for each and all of us. We know there is a long way to go, but Kalamarie sees it as a step in the right direction.

Conceptual barriers are put up by convention sometimes quite so strongly erected that we forget they are not reality. We are reality. We are this world and we are what inspires fashion.  

NYFW does feature NYFW+ (#NYFWPLUS) featuring designer collections for so-called “plus-size” women. But, beyond it is a movement to accept plus as equal and to simply include women of all shapes and sizes as models in all runway shows.

Last week, TIME Magazine featured the beautiful Ashley Graham, whose gracious curves, as discussed in the TIME column, appeared “in a much-discussed Lane Bryant lingerie commercial in 2010 at age 22”. She has “also been featured on billboards in Times Square, in the pages of Vogue and as one of the first curvier models in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She’s also put herself forth as an activist, giving a TedX Talk about how the term “plus size” makes her feel like an outsider in the fashion world”.

What is interesting about the movement taking shape is that it is not just acceptance and inclusion. It is a movement about re-defining the norm and re-figuring convention. Time to re-think fashion creations and to give them reach to all real humans.

We love accessories for that very reason. They are for all to enjoy. They have the elasticity and versatility for each of us to make our own and bring to life with our own personal style and uniqueness…

Follow our story bit by beat.

K&M x