And The Winner Is… You And Us And Anyone Who Has Been Watching

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As NYFW closes, and although this is not the objective of a Fashion Week, one always wonders, as a spectator, who did best, which designer captured most attention and who was at the top of their game.

And it … oh so difficult…

So, here are Kalamarie’s top 5, after much heated debate and in no particular order.

Narciso Rodriguez:

In a truly masterful depiction of “Fushion” (remember?), NR managed beautifully to bring together two eras and so, with all ease, the 90s are back in but you barely notice it because he makes it all so seamless, so current. There is a delightful play with textures, atypical of SS collections, but one that we very much like.

Alexander Wang:

Probably at the other extreme of the spectrum in terms of classic-ness, but, again, what a thoroughly fun “fushion” of styles and what attention to detail! People may not always agree about him and he may well have decided to part company with Balenciaga, but he is a K&M fave. 

Tory Burch:

Oh so feminine. It started off a little too off-white, but it warmed up nicely and it stayed warm (unlike the British weather… K&M reckons it hasn’t stopped raining in London all week!)

Diane Von Furstenberg:

From the woman who brought to history the wrap dress – and did away with the need for a suit, unless you definitely need it for work, we expected no less than brilliance and total sparks she delivered – an actual bonfire fest, in fact. Charming collection. Check it out for yourself at

Jeremy Scott:

Sooo much fun! We reckon the guy had a Coca-Cola with vanilla ice cream (we used to LOVE this as kids) just before he came up with the idea. We also reckon he then had Oreos and/or Krispy Kremes for pudding!

Do have a look online, it is so much fun to entertain the eye with these amazing collections…

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