Kalamarie Brings You: A Guide To Shopping For Ethical Cosmetics That Are Good For Your Skin

Dear Reader,

Well, now the sun has decided to grace us with its presence on both sides of the Atlantic, things are certainly looking up. We hope your week is going well too.

It can be a minefield heading out there to shop for cosmetics these days, can’t it? We know it all too well.

You can never be sure of what is contained in them, or whether you are buying from a company that deserves your support.

We know as women that, much as we do go makeup free some days, some others we want to get out there feeling and looking great, and, for us at least, cosmetics are part of engaging with ourselves in a beauty routine. We thoroughly enjoy the whole process of getting ready, from having a nice shower or bath, right through to putting the last touch of makeup on.

So, we have done a little research into what makes a cosmetic an ethical buy and we have also found what we think is the most ethical brand all around!

There are a number of different organisations that look at the ethics of cosmetic companies. For Kalamarie, the most complete guides are given by Ethical Consumer (www.ethicalconsumer.org). As we understand it, the organisation looks at a number of criteria, including:-

-       Impact upon the environment;

-       Animal testing;

-       Impact upon people (human rights, workers’ rights, responsible marketing, supply chain management and, where relevant, any arm/military involvement);

-       Politics, if any;

-       Product sustainability.

Looking at all these criteria for all different brands in the market must be mindboggling, so we take our hats off to them, but in accordance with their scoring system, we were most impressed with a couple ofbrands we admit to regularly buying and whilst we have no association with them and can in no way advertise their products, we can only but validate the research with our own experience and consumption of their products.

-       Neal’s Yard Remedies

We knew from our addiction to their Peony blusher, and the entire orange and geranium range, that we were onto something good and we were not wrong. They score within the top 5 brands on the ethical chart. Their makeup is also organic and mineral and they have a vegan range, so we are completely sold on them.

-       Lush

You will be familiar with Lush, even if you don’t consciously know it. It is the shop that you can smell from metres around its perimeter. Their makeup is handmade and very mild to the skin. We love their cream eyeshadows and how ever to leave the shop without buying a bath fizz-ball?! They pay attention to their packaging, which is something we also want to champion with our brand.

Hmmm… We sense a cosmetics shopping spree coming on…

Let us know if you end up in the shops too! Or better still, let us know if you make your own cosmetics at home – we have a friend who does and we find it rather amazing.

Follow our story bit by beat.

Much love,

K&M xx