Why You Should Keep Your Handbags In Their Dust Bags


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OK, today, we thought we would consider a very important and often underestimated part of the life of your handbags.

Believe it or not, dust bags do play a vital role in conserving your handbags in good condition, well beyond the obvious. Not only do they protect the handbags from dust, as their name indicates, but they also protect handbags from the changes in temperatureand humidity levels as seasons change.

Humidity, excessive heat or sunlight, as well as excessive cold, can all cause terrible stains to leather. Dust bags allow the leather to breathe, while protecting it significantly from such conditions.

There is also the fact that, if you store your bags, as most of us do, next to one another, and if they are unprotected, there is a good chance that they will come into contact with each other. In doing so, they could stick to one another (especially shiny/patent leather ones), or metal components of one may scratch or mark the leather of the other. In fact, if you store a dark-coloured handbag next to a light-coloured one, you may also find colour stains in the lighter leather.

Most quality handbags do come with their dust bag and they should be stored in them, to keep them in the best possible condition.

Now, if for any reason you are short of dust bags, do not use plastic bags to store your leather goods! Plastic is non-breathable and will, with time, stick to the leather and, as you come to peel it off, you will see the leather ruined or at the very least stripped of its shine. We are sure that Pinterest will have 1000 ways of doing your own cotton dust bag, and there are multiple sites that sell good breathable dust bags. If all else fails, you can always use an old (white) cotton pillowcase.

At KALAMARIE, we are really excited about our dust bags. We have had them handmade, in white cotton, and hand embroidered by a local embroidery artisan. She was thrilled to get commissioned for the job and we were delighted to generate yet another local job for someone who loves what they do! Make sure you store your KALAMARIEs in their dust bags if you are not using them!

Although all our handbags come with detailed care instructions, we will shortly write a post to deal with leather care aside from this one.

For now, we hope you week ends well.

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