As featured in You do You

As featured in You do You

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Kalamarie's most important week so far. We can barely contain the excitement. 

This week, Kalamarie is off to Phoenix Fashion Week, where it will be launching and retailing its products to the public for the first time. And right after, you will be able to buy our products right here too!

But all the excitement in the world could never divert us from keeping this blog interesting and engaging for you, and today we have taken on the subject of the ever-increasing industry of genderless fashion.

The fight for gender equality lies at the heart of so many of society's issues, but, fashion is perhaps, an arena in which the subject of gender takes a different shape.

Traditionally, in fact, there has been a lot less debate as to fashion equality. People have been more or less content to accept that there is female fashion and male fashion, and many designers, in fact, specialise in one or the other. It is perhaps a little crazy to think that it was not until the 1920s that women started wearing trousers/pants (albeit only for leisurely activities) and it was not until the 1960s and 1970s that the female trouser or pant became fashionable. 

That sharp division, however, is beginning to shift and, increasingly, we see more and more agender brands and more and more androgen looks.

There is an increasing need for fashion to transcend gender differences and for pieces to be atemporal and agender. A more-inclusive fashion, if you will.

It is not a matter necessarily of sexual orientation, but rather of choice. People like the idea of having options, which they do not look at as gendered options, but mere options.

Selfridges in London recently featured a pop-up agender shop. There is a buzz about the need for fashion to cater for the more gender-neutral consumer.

So, there is a little food for thought for all designers and all of us involved in the fashion industry...

It will be interesting to see how this movement evolves in seasons to come!

We will be writing more on our plans for this big week very soon!

Follow our story bit by beat,

K&M xx