Inside Her Handbag: Sofia Saavedra

1.     What do you do?

I am a specialist advisor at Apple and work at their Manhattan store

2. What is your daily routine?

I usually get up and take my vitamin supplements, go to the gym, head off and shower and have breakfast and then walk to work. I start my day early and catch up on news and information at the store with any updates, and then I start my day. I then usually have a break mid morning and carry on working until lunchtime, which I will usually grab at the park, and then I work until it is time to head home. I walk back home and catch up with my roommates and do some reading or watch some Netflix until is time for bed.

3.     What are your handbag essentials?

Antibacterial gel, my wallet, my keys, my cell phone, a small perfume which I cannot live without. I do not carry makeup bag, I’m pretty simple, but I will carry a lipstick and like to smell good, so I always have to have a perfume with me.

4.     What do you look for in a handbag?

Small compartments, for the different things I carry. Divisions or some way of organizing things inside my bag. It is very annoying when you cannot find your keys or when everything is messed up, so small compartments are must. I tend to prefer medium to small bags – big enough for me to carry my wallet and less heavy, more comfortable for me to walk with.

5.     What does luxury mean in a handbag to you?

Good quality, long lasting and fine design. 

6.     Handbags or shoes?

Oh my gosh!... Hmmm… Maybe handbags?

7.     What advice would you give to young female entrepreneurs in very few words?

Don’t settle with the expectations and just get comfortable, always look for ways of making things better








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