New York Fashion Week’s Most Anticipated

Dear Reader,

Happy new week! We hope you had a fun weekend.

We are full of eager anticipation for NYFW September 2015.

We were curious about its origins and decided to resort to universally beloved Wikipedia. It transpires, according to the site, that the Week was originally “created in 1943 by Eleanor Lambert, press director of the American fashion industry’s first promotional organisation, the New York Dress Institute”. It was named “Press Week”.

More importantly, this “was the world’s first-ever organized fashion week” and “was created to attract attention away from French fashion during World War II”.

It was, of course, a tremendous success.

What has since happened is that the event has been replicated the world over. It usually happens biannually and gives us a welcome focus to look forward to in the forthcoming seasons.

So, September sees the runways covered in Spring fashion, giving us hope and promise that the sun will return, just as it begins to fade.

What to expect then this forthcoming week? Well, just in time, has been given a sneak peak into the inspiration behind 160 of the designers taking part. The designers have been asked to encapsulate their inspiration in one image and one sentence. It makes for fascinating watching (it is a show, more than a read), and we would encourage you to read it.

Kalamarie’s top 5 are:-

1.     Edun, whose image is breathtaking yellow and black background, beautiful clean lines, accompanied by their line “performance”. We imagine generosity of material, free flowing, contrasting colors.

2.     Narciso Rodriguez, whose cleanly drawn silhouette lets us into a world of classic elegance and utter femininity. Oh, we want to see it now! We imagine light colors… His one word? “Purify”.

3.     Escada, whose image is one of continuing on the theme of contrasting patterns and colors.  Their patterns remind us of the tiles that have inspired our logo. Super chic. Their one word? “Heritage” – how appropriate.

4.     Adeam, whose image is a work of art. We shall be printing it to hang it at K&M HQ. There is an intriguing mixture of textures which we very much look forward to seeing. 

5.     Ground Zero, whose color palette is very appealing. Their image contains elements of chaos and simplicity all at the same time. Their one word? “Daring”.

Just as its original version, what Fashion Week brings with it to this day is that distraction from the harsh elements of reality that sometimes bite us quite so hard. What we celebrate about it is the sheer wealth of creativity there is in the human mind. We can’t wait!

Follow our story bit by beat.

K&M xx