Kalamarie Celebrates Britain’s Longest-Reigning Fashion Icon

Queen Elizabeth II. b.1926. Andy Warhol, 1985, Silkscreen print, 1000 x 800mm.National Portrait Galery (NPG 5882(2))

Queen Elizabeth II. b.1926. Andy Warhol, 1985, Silkscreen print, 1000 x 800mm.National Portrait Galery (NPG 5882(2))

Dear Reader,

How are you today?

One of Kalamarie’s earliest memories is of Grandma’s utter obsession with watching any television program, or magazine/newspaper photograph featuring Queen Elizabeth II.

We always assumed it was purely and solely to admire her outfit choice of the day. It so happens that Grandma is of around the same age as the Queen and, being a seamstress, always forced to create the latest trend from her little sewing room, she had utmost admiration for each and every outfit ever worn by the Queen.

However, later in life, during a visit to London, Kalamarie took Grandma to Buckingham Palace for an exhibition of a selection of Queen’s most memorable outfits, and then afternoon tea. Grandma was like a child in a toyshop and we shall never forget it. We asked her then why she admired the Queen quite so much and she answered thus:-

“Because whether you are a monarchist or a republican, whether you are British or foreign, whether you are a man or a woman, black, white, yellow or blue you can never ignore her sense of grace, feminine dignity and poise, and we could all learn from the way in which she conducts herself. And then there is the perfectly coordinated outfits, which have been thought through to their last detail to accompany her way of being.”

It is funny to think that with life chronologically parallel, they would have seen the world go through largely the same milestones, but from completely different angles of life.

But, what struck us was that Grandma lives her life many thousands of miles and thoughts far away from Queen Elizabeth II, but Her Majesty has managed to convey her poise right across the ocean to the likes of Grandma and you and us, and many, many more.

For that alone, Kalamarie joins the very many across the world, who today celebrate Britain’s Longest Serving Monarch.

One can make arguments for and against the British Monarchy and can look at the political and financial pictures in many ways. We tend to be very much in agreement with @Stylist Magazine, which has dedicated its cover and a detailed feature to the occasion. But one can hardly argue against the fact that the Queen is a fashion and female icon, who has pioneered the concept of feminine diplomatic glamour.

As a business partly based in Britain, we raise our cups of tea to her today and long may she continue to dress so beautifully.

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