Like Child's Play...

Especia thanks to Vanessa Rosales (@vanessarosales_) and Veronica Popoiacu (@bittersweetcolours) for sharing beautiful images in Instagram, that have been a great source of inspiration. 

Especia thanks to Vanessa Rosales (@vanessarosales_) and Veronica Popoiacu (@bittersweetcolours) for sharing beautiful images in Instagram, that have been a great source of inspiration. 

Hello all,

Apologies for the slight delay to our blog today.  Air-traffic control is to blame!

So, how, you may wonder, did these two sisters go from Economist and Lawyer to Luxury Handbag Designers? What was in those drinks they had on that rooftop restaurant they talk so much about?

Well, it was a little bit like children’s play.

Fashion, as it happens, is huge business in Colombia. We grew up in an environment where fashion was always in the making. Our grandmother (a retired teacher) is also an acclaimed local seamstress. Our early memories are of summer holidays at hers, helping her sew well into the night. She would be commissioned for handmade embroidery pieces which were eye and mouth watering. Wedding gowns were her specialty. 

From the left-over luxury materials, she would make the most stunning dresses for us both. Dressed up like we were going to the most special of occasions, we would then sit down with her to help with her work. And, just suddenly, out of white fabrics which came folded in little bags, as if by magic, the most stunning wedding gowns would be produced and fitted to perfection to many hundreds of Cartagena’s brides-to-be.

It also helped that our mother happens to be a rather stunning latina of impecable figure on whom grandma’s creations would hang beautifully, so work was always on commission, and our eyes, hungry for information, were taking it all in.

Soon, we found ourselves unmaking the beds and we would use the bed linen on our little beds as if they were fabrics. One of us would pretend to be grandma and the other would pretend to be the client. One would drape the fabric around the other and stitch it here and there and, suddenly, a dress would appear!  Just a little bit of lipstick and eyeshadow later, one of the two, in the very shape of mini-Miss Colombia was walking all around the house being applauded by anyone who had cared to visit for the day - until grandma spotted the bed linen and we were both in trouble!

Unusually, perhaps, our father fed our hunger for fashion, by reading in detail all classic glossy magazines and spotting for us the best bits of fashion worth having. From lavender hair products to Gucci handbags and Loro Piana fabrics, he drove us  with his very hands across Europe to find the best of everything. 

So, we had it all on a tray - the creative heritage, the interest, the muse, the encouragement. It must have been a little bit of a surprise when one of us decided to read Law and Political Science and the other one decided to read Economics at university, but, isn’t it just great that we are now applying all our knowledge and style to bringing our brand to you?

And so, just as magically as the fabrics turned into dresses, having agreed to form a handbag business, we set out to find ideas and inspiration. And one day, it was Meli in her most beautifully achieved work, who came up with all of the essence of our brand and the beautiful designs you will soon see… She took inspiration from the architecture of Cartagena - the colonial tiles, the doorknobs of the doors in the colonial city, the intricate wooden balconies against completely plain fronts… She took the classic Cartagena colonial house and turned it into a handbag:- Beautiful, classic, stoic outside; colorful, intricate, full of secret compartments inside…

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