Supporting The Colombian Economy and Creating Pieces of Ethical Luxury

Emerald green croco skin

Emerald green croco skin

Welcome to our third daily blog.

Today we pay homage to our sense of ethical entrepreneurship. Setting up a business of any kind is, by all means, is a lot of fun. However, there is no hiding from the fact that life as a entrepreneur is challenging.  We certainly share the joy, the pain and the pride of all those who, like us, have taken the leap from established, successful professional lives, to break into a market - be it of goods or services. We are delighted to have this opportunity and to be sharing it with you.

There were three main principles that we agreed upon, very early on, as the core of our business:-

1. Our business would be about supporting the Colombian economy;

2. We would deliver luxury and exclusivity;

3. We would deliver a sustainable, ethical product without compromise.

So, after many, many all-nighters and much of a dent into the Colombian coffee stock and reserves, here we are, just a few weeks before we let you see and buy our beautiful handbags. We have stuck to those three principles with a stronger grip than our grandma’s grip onto her own handbag, and we are hugely proud of what we have achieved.

Kalamarie’s sense of exclusivity comes from its luxurious materials and handcraft.

Our leathers are entirely sourced by a local farm, which operates under auspices and supervision of the Ministry for Natural Resources. Their sense of business and ethic is akin to ours, theirs being a family business just as much as ours is. They operate under the most strict controls for sustainability. There is little or no waste because the farm provides for all its workers and the locals. Their nature is precious to them because it provides for them in every sense and it is equally precious to us for the same reason.

Each of our handbags is made by hand, by highly-skilled local artisans, trained by an acclaimed Italian craftsman with four generations’ family experience behind him, and forty years’ experience of his own. 

What we have to offer, as a result, is a unique product, beautifully designed, ethically produced and masterfully crafted.

We cannot wait to share our handbags with you.

Thank you for reading our blog,

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K&M xx