The Most Luxurious Accessory You Can Wear At Any Time Is …


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Happy Monday and Happy New Week!

We have previously written of the importance of accessories and of how they can completely transform a look.

Today, we are writing about the most important and most transforming of accessories: Your self-confidence.

Wear your look, whatever it might be, with confidence, and see the entire world turn around to look at you. Wear the best of everything – every single designer item you ever dreamed of – without knowing why, or without believing in yourself, and see how they amount to nothing but the sum total of a bunch of labels.

Confidence comes from finding your own style and nurturing it. Always feel free to experiment a little, but, in the large, stick to what you know suits you best and refine it.

We can tell you in this blog what is hot right now and what tendencies or trends are hitting the catwalks, but ultimately, it is about each of us owning those trends and choosing what suits our style and looks good on us.

Now, you don’t necessarily need to have the answers to the suitability or otherwise of every trend yourself. Don’t be afraid of asking for a little help. Personal stylists and personal buyers have excellent advice skills and have been trained to look for things such us the most flattering shapes, colours, lengths etc. depending on the individual.

The world of fashion and styling can be pretty overwhelming and getting it right for you really matters, so don’t be in the slightest afraid of asking for help from a stylist.

With your stylist, or by yourself if you prefer, get the basics right and buy them in multiple numbers (!!!) . KALAMARIE has put together a list of basics that you should always get right and make sure are absolutely suited to your shape, height, etc. Here they are:-

1.     Your jeans:

It doesn’t matter if you own one pair, two, or fifty, they need to be the right shape and they need to be comfortable for you.

2.     A pair of black trousers:

Because they are absolutely necessary.  They too need to be the right shape for you, but do keep them classic and dohave two pairs:- one in lighter material for warmer weather and one in a heavier material for cooler months.

3.     White and blue shirts:

There should be plenty of these in any one wardrobe.

4.     An excellent-quality blazer:

Because it lifts any odd t-shirt or shirt.

5.     A leather jacket:

Because you need one in all circumstances and because it tempers any over-ambitious dress.

6.     A full-length coat:

Because you can use it for casual and smart occasions with as simple a movement as opening or closing it.

7.     The right-shape bra:

We know… it is soooo difficult. But it is a must. Oh, the number of outfits that can be ruined by the wrong-shaped underwear. There are specialist stylists for underwear fitting and it is totally worth it.

8.     The right-shape-and-length skirt:

Again, enlist the help of a stylist to find the right shape for you. It is amazing how the right skirt can flatter your figure and make your legs look miles long.

9.     Shoes:

OK… when it comes to shoes, be comfortable and invest in good-quality ones. Whether you have 10, 100 or 1000, we leave it to you, but always make sure you wear them with allure. Nothing worse, as grandma used to say, than looking “like a parrot walking on porcelain tiles”!

10. Handbags:

You need, of course, a full range of KALAMARIE’s, because there is a bag for every occasion in our collection ; )

See you tomorrow.

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