An Ever-Transforming Picture: How Images Have Changed The Way We Communnicate


Dear Reader,

It is a pleasure to be here again and we do hope you are well today.

We wish to take a look today at how image sharing has transformed the way in which we engage in amongst us.

We would in fact be very interested in hearing your thoughts on the subject so, as ever, reach out to us on Facebook or, if you actually prefer, share a picture with us in Instagram!

Sharing images of what we do, what we think, what we feel like, what we admire (or loathe as may be the case) is a rather liberating concept. In essence, someone (well, two rather clever guys, just like us ; )) took the idea of “an image is worth more than a thousand words” and made it into a business – the business of sharing your images with the world.

And what an idea it has been. For us, it means we can communicate to you, in advance of our launch date and as our brand evolves, the things, places, colours, themes and shapes that gave inspiration to our first collection. In the not-too-distant future we will be sharing snaps of the bags in use and some of the images will, in fact, be yours!

So today, we want you to visit us on Instagram and Facebook and enjoy the ever-growing picture of our first collection. Tell us what you can see. Can you figure out what colours we are launching with? Can you see what gave us the inspiration for our logo?

To tempt you more, we have placed here a few of our favourite snaps!

And do look forward to our post-launch snaps’ competitions.

Follow our story bit by beat.

K&M xx