Keeping Clutter Away From Your Luxury Handbag

Dear Reader,

We do hope the week is treating you well. We are halfway through the working week, so things are looking up. At Kalamarie HQ the excitement with launch date fast approaching is barely containable.

Wednesdays at Kalamarie HQ are all about tidying up, taking stock of where we are and what we need to do to complete the week successfully.  We love Wednesdays – some of our best ideas have come through during our weekly discussions on a Wednesday.

We believe a central part of our success is owed to being organised. So, today, we want to spread the joy and get you prepared for the arrival of your most beautiful handbag yet, the one that you will be able to purchase right here in just a few weeks.

If your current handbag is a little too full of unidentified items or unwanted and/or unneeded objects, let us help you. We have devised a step-by-step handbag detox plan. Grab a pack of antibacterial wipes, or your preferred cleaning product to wipe everything you rescue before you put it back in. Here it goes:-

Step 1: Toss it all out

Spread a cloth over your table and toss out all the contents of your handbag. You will be amazed at how quickly clutter has accumulated.

Step 2: Rescue your essentials

Out of all the things on the table, rescue your absolute essentials. By this we mean the things you would ALWAYS put in a handbag of any size, such as your keys, your bank cards and cash or, if you have a purse or wallet in which you keep these (we will detox it separately, in preparation for your handbag-matching Kalamarie luxury purse) then such a purse, your pen, your (small – we will come back to this shortly) makeup bag or separate makeup items (perfectly possible, as your Kalamarie will have compartments for your separates), your travel pass or card and your professional ID or work pass.

It may be that depending upon where you are, there are other essentials - your umbrella, for instance, if you are over here in the UK.

Step 3: Classify and prioritise

For everything that is left on the table, classify into little piles of:-

-       rubbish

-       non-essential miscellaneous.

Step 4: Throw away

Discard everything that is in the rubbish pile and indeed, for everything that has ended up on the non-essentials, think if you really need it or it can be returned to it originally belonged or otherwise disposed of and do as such.

Step 5: The makeup bag

Now, as for the little make up bag, we really mean little. If you applied your makeup correctly before setting off, you should carry no more than:-

-       blotching paper

-       small blush

-       the lipstick of the day

-       face spritz

-       small bottle of antibacterial gel

-       small perfume, or preferably solid perfume.

Anything else should be resting at home in your makeup box.

You may also carry other personal essentials and there will be plenty of space in your Kalamarie for them, but just remember that organisation is key to success. Plus, extremely durable as it is, you want to keep the beautiful calf interior of your Kalamarie as good as new ; )

We promise after this exercise your life will feel lighter. Do let us know how you get on.

See you tomorrow.

Follow our story bit by beat,

K&M xx

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