Leather, Gorgeous Leather: And We Are Not Just Talking Of Your Luxury Handbag…

Dear Reader,

Dear Reader,

Happy Monday!

This week has brought about a real contrast of weather across the Atlantic, whilst NYC has enjoyed rather blissful temperatures and sunshine, in London it is a case of looking through the window in hope for a drier tomorrow, though it is all good news for gardeners.

The contrast is a reminder of the challenge of this time of the year – the transition between two seasons is just starting, which is, of course, all very well and good, but – How does our hair survive this and, more importantly, what do we do with it?

At Kalamarie we have been wondering how to style our hair in preparation for the new season. We must say, our dearly beloved BAZAAR and ELLE have been most helpful with helping us solve our dilemma.

Your hair is an important part of your look. Get it right and see it compliment the most simple of outfits. Get it wrong and see it ruin the most beautiful dress.

But fear not! This season brings an air of breeziness to fashion and hair. It is all about achieving that effortlessly-cool look, and there are very few rules. The few that Kalamarie has found, are right here for you:-

1.     Use leather: on. your. hair.

Yes, you heard us right. Headbands go all leather and they look amazing on, as featured in BAZAAR. Have a look.

Make sure you go for a colour that is not too harsh to your complexion, you are already making a statement with the material, no need to overdo it.

They add a layer of sophistication and that they are very much a luxury accessory in their own right, and they hide a little sin or two ; )

2.     Part away:

Kalamarie has a soft spot for the middle parting of this season, which is then followed by undone waves. We just love it.

But how to forget the old favourite side partition, which this season goes full swing. It really goes from one end (pretty much) to the other. Again, accompany with loose, undone waves.

3.     The ponytail goes down:

The height of the tail really goes down this fall. Remember – it is all about looking undone and carefree!

There are pretty shapes to be had and Pinterest is featuring multiple instructions on how to achieve your own look easily. Such fun!

4.     Tuck in:

Guess what? We are allowed to leave our hair tucked into our turtle-necks this season about to start: Woohoo!

So, you get the picture: Long, light coat, pussy bow blouse, high-waisted trousers, middle-parted, undone hair and, of course, your Kalamarie! Next… yes, we will talk about beautiful shoes to accompany our luxurious creations!

Send us a selfie with your own take on this season’s trends.

Follow our story bit by beat.

K&M xx