Kalamarie Loves Dancing

Sevillanas Festival, Lead by the amazing Lina Zapata with the DanceAs Flamenco Group 

Sevillanas Festival, Lead by the amazing Lina Zapata with the DanceAs Flamenco Group 

Dear Reader,

Happy Tuesday!

We are feeling very chilled here at Kalamarie after our cheeky extra day off. What did you get up to this weekend?

We had a bit of a dance at Kalamarie on Saturday. It reminded us of how important it is to take time out to enjoy ourselves in whatever way we prefer, and it reminded us of what a beautiful art form dancing is.

In a way, if you stop to think about it, the idea of moving one’s body in response to sound is a slightly odd one, but if you forget that for a minute and simply enjoy the flow of musical rhythm with your body at will, you soon find yourself lost in a whole world of joy.

It must be quite instinctive to the human being, dancing, if you think of it. We were observing at the weekend how children as young as months old are instantly soothed and uplifted by music, and move their little bodies in response to it.

The movement of hands and the shapes we make with our hands while dancing were always a catching image, which contributed to Kalamarie’s creations.

We specially adore flamenco dancing. The movements of the hands, the clapping, the vibrancy of the rhythm, the shapes of the bodies, the guitar, the joy, the passion of it all…

Flamenco is, in fact, four forms of art in one spectacle. It is as much about the composition, the singing, the clapping of the hands and the playing of the guitar, as it is about the dancing.

It is a little bit of a shame, therefore, (though it adds to the mystery and magic) that it is one of the least documented forms of art in its true origins. Its contemporaneous documentation only commenced some 200 years ago.

By all accounts, it would appear that it dates back to the time when Spain was Arab dominated and it largely evolved through the Spanish gypsy culture.

What is for certain is that, in its different forms, there is a level of intimacy to it. It is music made and enjoyed best in small groups where everyone takes part (juerga flamenca). What can be better than a form of art that is created by the group, danced by the group, clapped and enjoyed by the group.  It is a shared joy, a passion that is born and grows and evolves within that group and unites it to a deeper level.

In 2014, the New York City Center hosted the Flamenco Festival, running alongside it free flamenco lessons for all ticket holders – What a wonderful idea that was. Kalamarie can’t wait for it to take place again.

What we take away from flamenco is the sense of shared passion for joy and unashamed celebration, and the sheer beauty of the hands moving to the music…

Follow our story bit by beat.

K&M xx