The Beautiful Craft Of Hand Embroidery As Made In Colombia For Kalamarie’s Dust Bags


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Guess what? Today we are sharing a little secret with you. We probably shouldn’t, but we are so excited about this, we could not wait until launch date. Here it goes:-

We have had our dust bags hand embroidered. Locally. In the very same town where we have our handbags handcrafted. And. They. Look. Great! Oh, the excitement!!

But we are not just excited because we love the way they look. We just love that we have been able to incorporate the craft of embroidery into our brand.

You see, our grandmothers were perfectionists of this most demanding of crafts. They lovingly embroidered our little dresses well before we can even remember, and our maternal grandmother who is still with us, carefully embroidered our wedding dresses in ways we shall never forget.

Embroidery is an ancient craft (it dates as far back as 5th to 3rd century BC), and, in South America, though we had our own pre-Colombus version of similar crafts, the techniques and resulting products best known today, were brought by the Hispanic influence during colonisation. You would be surprised to know how many people are trained in and depend from this largely-forgotten craft, especially in the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

We had previously shared with you our three main principles on setting up Kalamarie. We wanted to create beautiful products, support the Colombian economy, ensure that there was no compromise on quality or on ethical production. What makes us happiest having reached this point is that we believe we have excelled at each and all of those objectives we set ourselves.

Having our packaging handmade locally and creating employment for yet someone with the knowledge and experience of an unique craft which is now being passed on, to us, is the ultimate dream.

We believe in creating each of our handbags with love, packing them with love, selling them with love, and passing them to whoever decides to make them their own, with love. And this is just one extra little token of our love for what we do and for you all, who support us with your custom.

Have a great end to the week.

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K&M xx