The Music That Inspires Kalamarie

Rare consensus on an album at K&M HQ.  Muse - The Resistance  

Rare consensus on an album at K&M HQ.  Muse - The Resistance  

Dear Reader,

How are you today?

Art day at Kalamarie today, as it is Tuesday.

Today, enthused by the article we shared with you yesterday from NYMagazine, we want to let you into the music world of Kalamarie HQ.

As you know, Kalamarie is all about the marriage of two worlds. Our handbags eclectic in the most refined and sophisticated way possible. That, however, may not be what you think of our playlist, which is unashamedly mixed: fun and melancholic, old and new, raw and ethereal all at the same time.

So, what is in it? Well, here is a few of our absolute favorites, or rather, the ones we could not possible live without. Do, please, note that to avoid internal controversy (this is, after all, a family business… : S) they appear IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER. We reckon there is something for everybody here:-

-       Chan Chan, Buena Vista Social Club

-       OK Computer (the entire album),  Radiohead

-       Merceditas, Ya Me Voy, Alfredo Rodriguez

-       Libertango, Piazzolla

-       Mi Musica, Alexander Abreu y Havana de Primera

-       Danzon No 2, Arturo Marquez

-       Ya Lo Se, Calle Real

-       Carmen (the entire opera), Bizet

-       No Habla Na’, Colombia Africa

-       Map de la Problematique, Muse

-       Merry Blues, Manu Chao

-       King of Limbs (the entire album), Radiohead

-       Alegria, Fania All Stars

-       The Resistance (the entire album), Muse

-       Adagio in G Minor, Albinoni

-       Shot of the Night, The Killers

-       Conga del Fuego, Arturo Marquez

-       Symphony No 2, Rachmaninov

-       Madness, Muse

-       Sing It Back, Moloko

-       Concierto de Aranjuez Adagio, Rodrigo

-       When we were young, The Killers

-       Baby, Hannah Cohen (we have this one on repeat at the moment)

-       Vivir Sin Aire, Mana

-       The Lark Ascending, V Williams

-       Someone Like You, Adele

-       Archie, Marry Me, Alvvays

-       Black Holes and Revelations, Muse

-       In Rainbows (the entire album), Radiohead

-       Easy to Love, The Jazabels

-       Nocturne in E flat, Chopin

-       Quien Manda, Mala Rodriguez

-       Sube la Temperatura, Hermanos Lebron

-       Wouldn’t it be Nice, Beach Boys

-       Esto es Londres, L F Gonzalez

-       Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not (the entire album), Artic Monkeys

-       Vente Negra, Habana con Kola

-        Barcarolle (Les Contes d’Hoffmann), OffenbachWe could keep going, but time is running thin! Get those dancing shoes on and join us. Some of them have kept us dancing, singing and handbagging late into the night!

DISCLAIMER: Kalamarie Handbags accepts no liability for any irrepressible need to dance or sing (and thus any subsequent neighborly odd looks) you may experience whilst listening to this playlist! But do enjoy yourself, and then chill with the softer ones…

Follow our story bit by beat,

K&M xx