Family Love and Functional Art

Hello all,

Welcome to our second post.

This is the best part of our day, as we get to share with you the highlights of our trajectory.

And where best to start than with our parents. Today we pay homage to them, because they have been our example to follow in every sense.

We do not mean that as a cliche or because we are obliged. We really do mean it wholeheartedly. They are our best friends, our life and business advisors, and, more importantly, the two persons that showed us the world without tinting our lenses.

Through the educated, but independent eyes they gave us, we have been fortunate to have traveled the world with them. Their own style and their own origins and trajectory are a huge part of our inspiration.

Most recently, we visited with them the Tassen Museum in The Netherlands ( We cannot speak highly enough of it. We loved and admired it, and, in a way, we owned it. And that, we suppose is our message today. Ownership of art (in one or many of its different forms) gives the human being a sense of style and identity that is solid and secure. It gives us confidence in our outwardly identity.

Now, next time you are in Amsterdam do pay a visit to the museum. You will not be disappointed.

Handbags and leather goods generally are, in principle, mere functional objects to serve our day-to-day routines; but, are they just that? To us, they are also works of art which ought to be enjoyed and appreciated and, more importantly, curated and appreciated. We strive to create art that is functional, or, if you prefer, we strive to give every possible function to our art pieces.

So, here is to functional art and mouth-watering luxury, and don't miss tomorrow's post.

Thank you for reading.

Follow our story bit by beat.

K&M xx