From Rooftop Drinks to Empire-to-be


Today is the first day of our blog and we couldn’t be more excited.

You will have seen in our story how the idea for this brand came to be.

We were having lunch on a NYC rooftop restaurant, on a break from shopping, when we started talking about home. Soon into the conversation, it was clear that we both felt passionately that we had to do something to communicate how wonderful a country Colombia is.

We carried on talking and sharing ideas for a while. Soon, a bottle of Alsace Riesling turned into two and lunch turned into the genesis of this brand.

Colombia, is having a moment, having worked very hard for it. Its textile and leather industries have grown dramatically since the mid 90’s and much investment has been poured into them.

It also benefits from a better understanding of the importance of preserving its resources and satisfying the international market, which means control is strict and quality is high.

We had been nurtured through excellent education, and a love for travel and a passion for fashion, to grab the opportunity that our joint ingenuity was putting before us.

With our hearts filled with passion, we set off from lunch to buy drawing pads and materials, and we never looked back…

Let us tell you every day a little more.

Follow our story bit by beat.

K & M xx